All We Remember



Deryck N. Robertson, EIC of Paddler Press is pleased to announce his new poetry chapbook, All We Remember.

This collection of Deryck Robertson’s poems probes direct observations of the natural world, the electrical fields of human interactions, and interior landscapes, the common, the remote, and the unexpected.  In it, trace snowflakes falling, apprehend tricks of light and secrets of the heart, see how the love of a child is reseeded in a ride at dusk. Always accessible but pointing to the ineffable, Robertson brings the quotidian into revelatory focus. This collection could be a kind of manual for improved awareness, if you let it. So, breathe deep. Take a deep dive in. You won’t think about the time but will want to stay under till the last lines float free.

Robert Ledingham


Robertson’s poetry speaks with a careful and rich camera lens, sweeping wide to consider the grandeur of nature and his place in this world, then zooming in on the minute details of living. Within that juxtaposition is a beautiful balance of earthly reverence and menial stress, the human reality we must all contend with and learn to appreciate.

Jaime Dill, Editor at Polish & Pitch and author of I Remember Us


Deryck uses simple language and strong images to surprise and delight. His poems express a deep connection to the natural world (“I Like Old Fences”), a gentle humor (“Teacher Desks”), and a clear vision of love (“Pieces of You”) and daily life (“Some Assembly Required”). “All We Remember” is that well-used afghan and a good cup of maple roast coffee.

Nolcha Fox, author of My Father’s Ghost Hates Cats


I first became aware of Robertson’s work through his amazing poem “Train Picture”, which is indicative of so many of his fine qualities as a poet. He is honest, he is forthcoming, and he is trying to tell all of us something about ourselves that we all know deep-down: we live in a beautiful and mysterious world, and we owe it to ourselves to interrogate that beauty and mystery, so that we might gain a greater appreciation of ourselves. Thank you, Deryck, for this gift of words. We need generative poets of honesty and insight like you now more than ever.

This is a solid collection.

Justin Million, Poet and Publisher at bird, buried press


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