Paddler Press Vol. 1 – Canoe Lake Memories



Volume 1 – Canoe Lake Memories

Poems and art inspired by, and dedicated to, Canadian painter and outdoorsman, Tom Thomson. Featuring poets and artists from Canada, US, Scotland, England, and India. Dimensions: 6″ by 9″, 63pp

Featuring work by: Evelyn RobertsonRen Pike – Jerry Bouma – Rebecca LernerVictoria HeartwoodSimon Lamb – Anna Kirwin – Timothy Tarkelly – Paulette West – Richard Bramwell – Ankur Jyoti SaikiaDeryck N. Robertson Michael McCourt – George Hemington – Robert LedinghamSadie Maskery – Kathryn Sadakierski – Kristin Houlihan – Scott Grigsby-Lehmann – Mary Grigsby-Lehmann – Jenny WongAdam Kelly MortonJaime DillAnnie RobertsonJohn KinsellaJeffrey Macklin – Paulette West – Sadie Maskery


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